March 27, 2023


Are you going to tell me how to raise my child?

Absolutely not.  I firmly believe that you, as a parent, know your child best.  I will offer suggestions that might help.  It will be your final decision as to whether or not to take any advice I might offer.


Does everyone in my house have to participate in therapy?

Not necessarily.  My goal is to help you come up with an individualized plan that fits your unique circumstances.  I will work with you to create the best plan possible to get you the relief you need.


How fast will I see results?

Some people see immediate results, others take more time.  It all depends on the nature of the problem being addressed and the resources that we can bring to bear on the problem.  As every person and family is different, the speed with which they respond to therapy is different.  I will say that most people get some relief from therapy.


Does asking for help mean I’m a bad parent  that can’t handle their child?

Absolutely not!  Asking for help means you are a good parent.  The fact that you are looking for help means you want your child to get better.  That’s something only a good parent would be concerned about.  Life gets complicated.  Sometimes we need help.  When you need help, there is nothing stronger or more compassionate than seeking out that help.

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