February 7, 2023

Site updates and a special offer!

I have been crazy busy lately…and this means lots of updates. However, it also means some special opportunities to you.

The Book is out!

First, my book, The Special Needs Parenting Survival Guide, is officially available! You can buy it here. Or you can get it at Amazon.com. If you purchase the paperback version, you can get the kindle version for free.

As a special thank you for your support, I am offering five signed copies for $12 (that’s a 30% discount) to the first five people who send me an email. (erikyounglpc@verizon.net)

Check out the store!

My website now features a store where you can purchase my new line of stress reduction and relaxation audio files.   Learn about diaphragmatic breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

Also, check back later for video new video relaxation demonstrations.

New Curriculum Certification

I am excited to announce that I will soon be releasing a new on-line certification curriculum based on the principles of The Special Needs Parenting Survival Guide.

The Special Needs Parent Support Specialist (SNPSS) certification will teach parents, teachers, and other professionals the principles behind the social support network system and prepare participants to assist other special needs parents.

I am really excited about this as I hope it will help teach professionals and lay people alike how to recognize the unique needs of special needs parents and create a network of people that can ease the challenges these parents face on a daily basis.

Until next time, remember…Breathe, you got this.


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  1. Erik, Congrats on getting the book done! You are doing amazing things, and I’m delighted to see your success. Good luck on getting the certification process created!

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